Pan-Asian Summit on Wisdom, Morality, and Character

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this event has been postponed. Tentatively, we plan to reschedule the summit for Spring 2021. In the meantime, we are planning for a virtual conference in May 2020, to address the societal challenges related to the pandemic from wisdom, character, and morality perspectives. Please, check our website in two weeks for further details.

We live in turbulent times, with polarization and intergroup conflict on the rise around the world. These trends have led some social critiques to call for greater wisdom. However, what does this concept mean scientifically? How can we avoid the traps of ethnocentrism in understanding wisdom? How can wisdom be cultivated for the betterment of common humanity? Bringing together leading international scholars, the Pan Asian Summit on Wisdom, Morality, and Character is the first ever attempt to address this question from a multi-cultural perspective.

Location & Travel

We have selected Sri Lanka (Colombo), as a location for this summit for several reasons. First, Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic society with a long history of traditional philosophical scholarship on wisdom and a recent history of intergroup tensions and conflict. Second, the conference on wisdom is especially timely for Sri Lanka now, after a terrorist attack earlier this year, the repercussions of which are still felt throughout the country. Third, Sri Lanka remains one of the safest places to visit in South Asia due to high level of security throughout the country. Finally, Sri Lanka was crowned as the world top tourist destination of 2018, with very attractive and affordable options for travel. In this sense, it is a perfect location for our summit.

Venue & Hotel

Hilton Colombo РSri Lanka’s Leading Business Hotel, as distinguished by the World Travel Awards. We secured special rate block for hotel rooms.


Our summit will take place in early May (11-13), when the weather offers plenty of sunshine and relatively moderate temperatures.

Conference Language